New Requirements

We introduced a new ID procedure in Kettering in Summer 2010. This has been designed to strike a balance between fairness, speed and privacy. An outline of the procedure is below. For more information click here to download the full explanation.

Start Here... (updated for 16+ events)

For our normal under 18s events: If you are a boy over 159cm tall with normal shoes on, or a girl over 158cm tall with flat shoes on, you will not need ID. Just turn up on the night. You won't need to read the rest of this page. About 66% of people will get in like this.

For 16+ events: We don't use height checking for 16+ events. If you buy your ticket from one of our year 11 ticket sellers, you won't need ID. If you buy your ticket online or from the shop, you will have to prove that you are in year 11 or above using one of the methods below. We expect quite a few year 11s to be able to show their age using prom photos on Facebook.

When to Show ID

If you are shorter than the above heights, or if you are planning to attend a 16+ event, you will need to identify yourself somehow, using whichever of the following options you prefer. For normal under 18s nights we will look to see that you are in year eight or above in the 2010/2011 academic year. For 16+ nights we will look to see that you were in year eleven or above in the 2010/2011 academic year. Twelve year olds in year 8 and fifteen year olds in year 11 will be OK, even though marketing materials for our events may phrase the age requirements as '13-17' or '16+'.

  • Bring photo ID on the night. Come to the shop before you join the queue. Your hand will be stamped after your ID is checked. You do not have to keep this ID on you all night — for example, you could quickly go back to the car park and give the ID back to your parents before joining the main queue.

  • Identify yourself (see below) on the day of the event. Come to the ticket shop from 12pm, have your hand stamped, and make sure you keep the stamp on until the evening. You could take your ID home in the meantime.

  • Identify yourself (see below) in the ticket shop when it is open in advance, or before 7pm on the event day, and have your fingerprint taken electronically. On the night, we will identify you from this fingerprint. We will not record any of your personal details — we will not even record your name. The system will just have a list of fingerprints of people that have been ID checked and what school year they are in, without knowing who those people are. The advantage of this method is that you will not need to show your ID for any future Alive Kettering events.
What ID to Show

‘Identify Yourself’ in the box above means any of the following methods:

  • Photo ID showing your age. This can be a PASS scheme ID, an NHS card, a school ID card, a school bus pass or something else reasonable. Ask us first if you want to use something unusual.

  • Three forms of non-photo ID, one of which shows you as being old enough, such as a bank card, a National Insurance card and a club membership card. The NI card is only available people aged 15 and over, so to have one you must be old enough.

  • Facebook. Come to the shop and ask us to look at your Facebook profile. Sometimes it is obvious you are old enough. For example, if you have photos from a year 11 prom and you have lots of mutual friends with us we will assume you are in year 11. Add our Facebook account as a friend first to enable us to see your profile.

  • Bring four or more used school exercise books. We will verify that the books are yours by checking your handwriting. The books must show a class or group name containing your yeargroup number (e.g. year 10) on the front without this appearing crossed out or altered.

  • Some other way of proving your age that we haven’t thought of. If you can prove your age somehow and it is a rational explanation with enough evidence, we will accept it. We may need time to check any suggestions so ask us as sooner rather than later about any proposals.

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