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Company Information

Most of the Alive Under 18s events promoted on this website are run by Xalamus Entertainments Limited, registered in England and Wales number 07024068. Registered Office: The Courtyard, Market Place, Woburn, Bedfordshire, MK17 9PZ. Northampton events are run by Fever nightclub under agreement with Xalamus Entertainments Ltd. The December 2011 Alive Gigs event in Banbury are run by LIV2 Promotions under agreement with Xalamus Entertainments Ltd.

Please be aware that events run at the same nightclubs as Alive but under different names are not run by us and have nothing to do with us.

Terms and Conditions for Buying Tickets

The following information is printed on the back of our event tickets. By buying tickets from this website you agree to be bound by them.

Dont bring alcohol or cigarettes. They will be confiscated without being returned and you may be asked to leave. Dont drink alcohol in the queue or before you arrive - you wont get in and you wont get a refund. Alive events are for young people aged 13 and over. You won't get in if you look obviously younger than this. No hats, hoodies, tracksuits, scruffy jeans or scruffy trainers. Your appearance determines the door supervisors' opinions of you, so don't make a bad impression. Large groups especially should dress smartly or risk being turned away. You will be searched at the door. By turning up you agree to this. Dont bring anything you dont need - items that could be dangerous (such as nail files and aerosols) or that are difficult to clean up (such as chewing gum) may be confiscated without being returned. Girls: The less you have in your handbag, the quicker you'll get in. Coats must be placed in the cloakroom which costs £1 per item.

A photographer will be taking photos at this event. The photos will be put on Facebook. If you don't want your photo taken, speak to a member of staff as soon as you enter the club. If you later want a photo removed, you'll have to message us via Facebook. We can't stop you appearing in the background or in crowd shots and we won't remove photos for such reasons. We may use the photos for marketing purposes but we'll blur recognisable faces where we can't obtain full permission. Tickets purchased online my be cancelled and replaced for free if reported lost or stolen before being used. Our website lets you check the current status of a ticket or report one lost or stolen. The right of admission is reserved by the club. We are not responsible for items lost or stolen at the event. No refunds are given for unwanted or unused tickets, unless the event is cancelled or postponed. In such cases you must contact us within 28 days of the planned event date to receive a refund. Some of our events use strobe lighting. See our website or ask on the night for more details.

Privacy Policy

This website uses Google Analytics (GA) and other tools to analyse how people use it. Google Analytics is an industry standard tool. It uses cookies and javascript to report back to us (via Google) what you are looking at on this website, such as what time you downloaded which pages and which links you clicked on. This data is anonymous - you appear to the system as a number, not an identifiable person. If you turn off cookies or javascript, or use some other tool that is designed to block Google Analytics, the information collected will be reduced. Our server logs will still log what pages are visited and when but this will be done in a less sophisticated way.

We will not know who you are unless you place an order for tickets, in which case we will keep your name, address and other details that you provide as part of the order process. Google Checkout, our payment provider, tell us about your payment and forward the money to us without giving us your card details. This makes shopping on this website safer for you if you do not trust us.

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